Sabrina J. Mielke

Sabrina J. Mielke

I am a Senior AI Research engineer with a PhD from the Johns Hopkins University's CLSP (Center for Language and Speech Processing), working on machine learning and natural language.

My interests lie in typologically diverse languages, various kinds of structured prediction, establishing and using clean formalisms, and appreciating neat mathematical models of interesting phenomena and solid engineering.

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CV (the gist of it)

Ph.D. Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA (09/2017 - 10/2023)

Internship, Cohere AI, Toronto, Canada (summer of 2022)

Part-time internship, HuggingFace, New York City, NY (summer of 2021)

Internship, Facebook AI Research (FAIR), New York City, NY (summer of 2020)

Internship, Google, New York City, NY (summer of 2019)

M.Sc. Computer Science, TU Dresden, Germany (finished 07/2017)

Internship, USC Information Sciences Institute, Los Angeles, CA (summer of 2016)

B.Sc. Computer Science, TU Dresden, Germany (finished 08/2015)

University student jobs: researching stuff, implementating stuff, preparing teaching materials, actually TAing...
Scholarships, extracurricular activities and other fun things in the long version...